Friday, June 02, 2006

Asia Pacific Best Restaurant List

Chubby Hubby is launching an Asia Pacific Best Restaurant List as a counter to those euro-american centric guides. Bloggers have until the 2nd of June to put in their entry whereas non-bloggers have until June 12th.

The four categories are:

2 best restaurants in your home city: Melbourne Australia

Vue de Monde
Normandy Chambers
430 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Winner of Gourmet Travellers Restaurant of the Year for 2006 - it's an accolade that's well deserved. Put yourself in the hands of Chef Shannon Bennett and his capable staff and they will guide you to gastronomic heights you've not experienced. Every meal is a special event.

631 Church Street, Richmond
Truly unique creations by Geoff Lindsay - a master of fusion food.

Favourite restaurant in your home city

Vue de Monde
One serving of White Truffle risotto is not enough.

3 best restaurants from outside your home city/country

Bistro Moncur
Woollahra Hotel
116 Queen Street, Woollahra
Reliability is a measure of it's success - excellent presentation and execution of all their dishes under the expert hand of Damian Pignolet.

Portofino on Bank
26 Bank Street, Port Fairy

This is outside my home city but still in my state - this is a gem in country Victoria - a mix of Mediterranean and middle eastern flavours - a must have is the pigeon bisteeya. There's a great wine list too.

Fee and Me
190 Launceston Street, Launceston Tasmania
It's just been consistently on the top of it's game producing excellent food for 15 years - highlighting the wonderful produce of Tasmania

2 favourite restaurants outside your home city

Bistro Moncur
The charcuterie alone is worth the trip to Sydney.

Kabuki by the Sea
Rocky Hills,Tasman Highway, Swansea, Tasmania
the incredible views of Great Oyster Bay to the Freycinet Peninsula are matched by the wonderful Japanese food.
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