Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mixology Monday III: Mint

This month's Mixology Monday is hosted by Rick from Kaiser Penguin and the theme is Mint. I decided to focus on the herb itself rather than a liqueur such as Crème de Menthe. When thinking of mint, pineapple came to mind as a natural match and from there it was a simple process to making a pineapple and mint margarita.


Pineapple and Mint Margarita

30ml Tequila
15ml Cointreau
30ml fresh lime juice
30ml pineapple juice
5 fresh mint leaves
ice cubes

In a blender add all the ingredients and process until well combined. Pour into a martini glass and serve.

I really like the way it looks, the speckled mix of mint and ice, there's a real texture there and adds to the enjoyment. This really would be a great drink for those long summer days - not too sweet but very refreshing.

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