Monday, June 26, 2006

Mixology Monday IV: Apéritif

Jimmy Patrick from Jimmy's Cocktail Hour is hosting this edition of Mixology Monday and it's theme is Apéritif.

This is one area where it's hard to go past anything Italian. There is a great tradition of aperitivi and digestivi and I would have to say that arguable the best example of an aperitivo is that Italian classic, Campari.


This crimson coloured aperitivo is classed as an amaro or "bitter" based on it's taste. It was made by the Campari brothers in Milan in the mid 1800's and it's still produced by the family.

It's Campari Soda bottles are a delight to the eye - the Campari's certainly developed a marketing style for their product. The famous cone shaped bottles first hit the market in 1932 and were designed by Fortunato Depero, an Italian futurist designer.

Most will enjoy their Campari in a chilled glass with soda, though for Mixology Monday I'll make that other classic cocktail, Negroni.



45ml Campari
45ml Gin
15ml Rosso Vermouth
slice of orange

Place the slice of orange into your glass. Add the spirits and stir with some ice if desired. Serve immediately.


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  1. yeahhhh!!! negroni!you made the best choice in my opinion. a friend of mine recently told me about adding a splash of averna (an easy to find amaro) to the negroni. i wonder what that does? next time i have one, i'll try it and see! nice blog.

  2. Thanks! I wonder if the Averna replaces the red vermouth? I think it would probably make it a bit more bitter but add some herbal characteristics to the drink.


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