Friday, June 02, 2006

Parsley Potato Salad

With Weekend Herb Blogging returning home to Kalyn this week, I thought I'd return home as well, with this quintessential Italian herb, Parsley.

parsley bouquet© by haalo

Parsley is something I've physically grown up with. There's quite the family history in these simple plants. The seeds having come all the way from Italy, along with my mother and her sister when they first migrated here. Every year, for as long as I can remember, we'd let the plants go to seed, carefully collecting and drying them, ready to begin the cycle again in spring. The cycle still continues today and I must say no other parsley seems to come close to the intensity of flavour as these - perhaps I'm a bit biased.

One of the favourite things that my mother would use this for was in her potato salad. I think it's the reason for my potato addiction. There's nothing fancy or complicated but it's just a great union of flavours and there's nothing more perfect to eat on one of those warm summer evenings.

parsley potato salad© by haalo

Parsley Potato Salad

Potatoes - I used Kipflers for this but any salad/boiling potato will do
Parsley - chopped finely
Olive Oil
White Wine Vinegar
freshly ground salt and white pepper

Boil the potatoes in their skin - so choose smallish and similar sized potatoes. When tender, peel when still hot and slice thickly.

Place in a boil with the chopped parsley.

Make a dressing with the oil/vinegar (4 parts oil/1 part vinegar is a pretty good mix) then whisk with a grind of pepper and salt.

Drizzle the dressing over the still warm potatoes and toss.

It's now ready to serve and eat!


  1. This sounds wonderful. I love hearing about how you brought the seeds with you. I think parsley is very underrated by a lot of cooks and it should get more attention!

  2. Thanks Kalyn. It is a wonderful herb and deserves to be more than just garnish.

  3. that is the kind of potato salad I like - made with vinegar and not mayo.

    I have been using parsley more and more lately. I think I just did not understand parsley for a while.

  4. Thanks Gabriella - vinegar based dressings are all my mother would make so I never really got into those mayo ones. As Kalyn said parsley is underrated, probably because it's been assigned to being a garnish rather than used for it's own taste.


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