Thursday, June 22, 2006

Combinations #3

Alex & Andy from Eating Leeds are hosting this month's Combinations, an event devised by Andrew from Spittoon - the objective is to cook a recipe that's supplied and match it to a beverage of your choice.

This month's recipe was Flatbreads with Spiced Chicken, Pistachios and Roasted Peppers - it's flavours reminded me of those found in Turkish pizzas so I immediately focused on a fruity white. As this dish seems really suited to serve as finger food, a sparkling wine would be appropriate - so with that in mind I decided to match this with a Brown Brothers Moscato.


Brown Brothers Moscato is made of predominately Muscat of Alexandria grapes. With it's tropical fruit flavours, floral aromas and light fizz, it works well with the spices - though I would have to add that this dish wasn't quite as spicy as I had thought it would be.

Now if the thought of drinking Moscato seems a bit girlie, then Paalo has helpfully suggested an alternative, once again, focusing on this dish as finger food, he recommends a Coopers Sparkling Ale - it's clean, crisp and cleansing and if you listen to the marketers, it's the beer wine drinkers drink!

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  1. Hi Andrew - for me it didn't have the spice level to suit a red, though perhaps a pinot might work out.

  2. Interesting that the dish isn't that spicy as I was thinking along the lines of a rose ... I think I might be cooking up the chicken mixture for taste-tests along the way!

  3. Hi Alex - that's a really good idea to taste test the filling, the rosé should be a good match.


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