Sunday, March 26, 2006

IMBB #24 - Make it in 30 Minutes

For this month's IMBB, Too Many Chefs challenged us to make a meal in 30 minutes. This would be an exercise in planning. I know that when I'm pressed for time I go for a staple - Pasta. You know exactly how long it takes to cook and besides stirring the pot, it's pretty simple. To accompany the pasta I went for freshness and made up another batch of Pesto. Once again, it's made in minutes, it's vibrant and extremely tasty. Once I had the main sorted out, I could work out on filling up my free time. I decided to stick with what I know best, and settled for an Italian theme. For dessert I've adapted the Budino di Ricotta to create little Ricotta Soufflé Puddings - once again this is another make, bake and forget type of recipe.
Having written out my timesheet it seemed that I could also fit in a little appetiser and wanting to continue the theme, I choose the tasty but classic Bruschetta al Pomodoro.


Here's my timesheet
00 Put on water and pre-heat oven
00-07 Prepare ricotta puddings and put in oven
07-12 Prepare ingredients for bruschetta and pesto
12 Start cooking pasta
12-15 Toast bread, add topping - serve and Eat
15-23 Eat bruschetta and stir pasta
23 Whizz up pesto
24 Drain pasta and mix with pesto - serve and Eat
30 Take puddings from oven, dust with icing sugar and serve

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  1. Haalo, love the meal. Simple yet delicious. A definite for a mid week meal.

  2. Hi Audrey

    Thank you so much for the comments :)


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