Sunday, March 12, 2006

Paper Chef #16: The Results

Joining me this evening is my partner in crime, Paalo, the roaming bon vivant. Before we get to that all important Paper Chef winner I’ll hand you over to Paalo to announce the technical awards that were given out earlier.

Good evening and welcome to the Technical Awards – these acknowledge excellence in the finer and sometimes more obscure aspects of the culinary arts.

Our first award is The Bullwinkle Prize for advancements in the field of mousse making and goes to Emma of the Laughing Gastronome.

The Iron Curtain Memorial for her inspired use of the hammer and sickle is awarded to Raspberry Sour of The Sour Patch.

Achievement in Visual Effects honours the architectural wonder and use of pasta as a structural form and goes to Béa of La Tartine Gourmand.
The Steven Bradbury Medal goes to Two Minute Noodle Cook for his ability to stay standing in the face of disaster.

The P.E.T.A (People Eating Tasty Animals) Award goes to Surfin’ Dave for his inspired use of buffalo prosciutto.

The Pete Wells Crown for outstanding achievement in the field of sandwich making goes to Jennifer of Taste Everything Once

And last but not least

Best Original Screenplay goes to B’gina from Stalking the Water for her heartwarming tale of friendship, loss and laughter.

Congratulations to all.

Thank you Paalo and that was indeed, a most tasty list of winners.

But now it’s time to announce the main award winner.

In this envelope I have the name of the next Paper Chef.

*breaks open the seal and looks inside*

Now, before I read the name I would like to congratulate everyone on their magnificent entries, but quoting Highlander, there can be only one.

And the winner of the 16th monthly Kitchen Academy Awards is......


For managing to overcome adversity and near disaster to create a highly imaginative and original dish.

Congratulations, once again to everybody and don’t forget to join Tomatilla next month for another action packed Paper Chef.

From Paalo and myself, it's goodnight from him and goodnight from me.


  1. I'd like to thank the Academy of Paper Chefs, my writing partner, Princess Louise, my crew and the stars who played the roles, most especially the shrimp for their grace under difficult circumstances.

    Kisses her paper Oscar.

    You like me! You really like me!

    Exit stage right, followed by LouLou complaining because they played her off before she could make her acceptance speech.

    Thanks, you guys, for being such great hosts.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners - I would like to thank everyone for making this such a fabulous event!

  3. Nice to see the results. Yeah! Thanks for the organizatio of the event and congratulations to all of the winners, including me ;-)It was fun!

  4. Nice job on the awards! 2-minute Noodle Cook certainly put forth an Olympic-sized effort to win! Congrats to everyone!

    Just for the record, some of my best friends are animals, and I hardly ever think of eating them ;)


  5. The famous Noodle Cook, at least in electronic reality, rushes forward with the acceptance speech, grabs at the trophy and starts reading "Just a short speech, since eveyone kind of gave the first half of the speech already. I like to thank my rancid candlenuts for.... OH NO, the speech has gone up in flames! This isn't a trophy, it's the parfait glass with the lit candlenut! Lights out, it's back to real life on the other side of the camera .... :)


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