Thursday, March 16, 2006

Caffè Affogato "corretto"

I love the Italian concept of "correcting" ones coffee - usually it's in the form of a shot of Grappa but for this version, I decided to stick with the Italian spirit but use Frangelico to provide that nutty sweet kick more in line with a Brunch event.

Caffè Affogato corretto© by haalo

There's only 3 ingredients - one shot of espresso, one small scoop of vanilla ice cream and one shot of spirit.

You can drink as is, or give it a stir first - either way it's delicious.


  1. This is right up my alley. Thanks for a great idea!

  2. Ooohhhh mmmyyyy.... Is it as hard to keep the Frangelico and ice cream separate from the coffee as it is the whiskey, coffee and cream in an Irish coffee?

  3. Hi Susan

    If you don't stir then they will separate into layers, though the icecream will start to melt due to the heat in the coffee. I like to give it a bit of a stir and then drink so I get that hazelnut coffee flavour together.


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