Sunday, March 12, 2006

Post and EaT Everything WeekEnd Lame LeftoverS

Ed from Tomatom was a man with a mission. The mission, should we choose to accept it, was to create something delicious from leftovers (and I say that in the tone of the original not that farce with Tom Cruise that I totally refuse to acknowledge..umm, but that's a whole other story).

Luckily enough, today's warmer weather kept me indoors so I was able to whip up a little lunchy delight out of some handy leftovers - savoury pie filling (excess to my easy peasy pie making needs), marinated fetta, some run of the mill, good ole everyday cheese that's sitting in the dairy drawer and finally a couple of pita bread cases. Oh and the spiffy Sunbeam Cafe Press - that turns any stale-ish items into crispy goodies.

1Toasty© by haalo

At what would be more "pete wellsish" than to make some toasted pita sandwiches with these ingredients? No don't answer, it's rhetorical.

The methodology was simple - lay out the pita bread, and place some cheese slices down on half the bread, then top with pie filling, dot with the marinated fetta (just to give you a little cheesy surprise to explode in your mouth) and cover with a few more slices of cheese. Fold the bread in half and place in the press - and presto, it does it's thing.

The pita is now crisp, crusty and crunchy, the filling warmed through and the cheeses just ooze out, erupting from the edges like molten lava. Yum!


  1. Your picture looks especially enticing. I wish I had a sandwish press.

  2. Hi Hanna

    Thanks for the comments!
    The sandwich press is pretty handy and it's just about impossible to burn anything in them - I even use it to make toast, I just love the look of those ridge marks.


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